What do CRI people create?

Estimated data for 2005-2017

3000+ projects

At its core, CRI pursues learning by research and projects. Every year, a CRI student will participate in or create over 5 micro projects as classroom assignments or personal curiosity endeavors. 

200+ science articles

In its unique way of doing things, CRI started as a Doctoral school and then developed Master and License programs. Thus, conducting and documenting research is natural to CRI culture and followed within all our programs.

30+ ventures

Every year, about 5% of our students consider and experiment with the options to launch they’re own social or business ventures. Via #actionCRI program we aim at increasing that percentage as well as their success rate.

98% employment

As our alumni office reports, 98% of our graduates were employed in related fields or did chose to create their personal projects in science, teaching or private business sector.

50+ partners

During the last 12 years, CRI developed multiple scientific and industry partnerships in France and abroad. Starting from joint projects with Harvard and Tsinghua University and leading up to industry and government partnerships to reimagine research in education. 

1000+ talks

Sharing knowledge and continuously learning new tools and practices is within CRI’s DNA. CRI staff and students are frquent participants at sciences and industry conferences as speakers and pannelists.