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Humanity needs all the positive actions it can get

While we live in the best times ever, statistically speaking, we also face unprecedented challenges related to energy resources, climate change, quality education, economic well-being, gender equality, healthcare and more, as highlighted by UN in Sustainable Development Goals framework.

At its core, CRI Paris strives to stimulate collective intelligence to address these grand challenges, by developing new ways of learning, teaching and conducting research at the intersection of life sciences, learning societies and digital technology. Thus, we consider the capacity of our students and employees to take action on issues they care deeply about, to be a cornerstone of our development strategy. We aim to develop this capacity by building a comprehensive entrepreneurship program, from early stage classroom projects to post-prototype industry development.

Action platform in a nutshell

Knowledge and mentorship

We curate the best possible resources related to entrepreneurship and bring together a team of experts across multiple disciplines to share their experiences and network.

Prototyping resources

With access to labs, office space, prototyping materials and experimental micro funds, CRI people get to translate imagination into viable projects.

Documentation and research

Documentation is a key to learning through projects and research. Equally important is the analysis of each project’s impact. Our findings are made open source.

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Entrepreneurship Coordinator.

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Labs Coordinator 

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Chief Information Officer

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